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Terms of Use

This robot experiment is part of a research study conducted by Manuela Veloso and her colleagues at Carnegie Mellon University. You will be able to request and schedule a robot helper to complete certain daily tasks around the Gates Center, including delivering items, fetching mail, etc. Scheduling will occur through a project webpage ( and by interaction with the robot. Your participation in this research is voluntary. You may discontinue participation at any time during the research activity.

Risks, Benefits and Compensation: The risks and discomfort associated with participation are minimal. The robot may not complete a task due to system failure. There may be no personal benefit from your participation in the study. There is no compensation and there is no cost to participate.

Confidentiality: The only personally identifiable information about you will be your computer account, which will be necessary to schedule a robot and will be visible only to experimenters.

Your confidentiality will be maintained by anonymizing the data in a secure location. You understand and agree that the data and information gathered during this study may be used by Carnegie Mellon and published and/or disclosed by Carnegie Mellon to others outside of Carnegie Mellon. However, your name, address, contact information and other direct personal identifiers in your consent form will not be mentioned in any such publication or dissemination of the research data and/or results by Carnegie Mellon.

Contact: If you have any questions about this study, please contact:

Manuela Veloso; phone: 412-268-1474, email: mmv at the domain cs dot cmu dot edu
Aaron Steinfeld, phone: 412-268-6346, email: steinfeld at the domain cmu dot edu.

If you have questions pertaining to your rights as a research participant, please contact:

Research Regulatory Compliance Office at CMU.
Phone: 412-268-1901; Email: irb-review at andrew dot cmu dot edu.

Participant Requirements: By clicking “I agree” below, you certify that:
  1. You are age 18 and older.
  2. You have read the information above.
  3. You have a valid CMU computer account or will contact Manuela Veloso for access.
  4. You want to participate in this research and continue with the activity.


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